• Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake

    A delicate sponge with a lightly textured whipped cream and sumptuous fresh strawberries.

  • Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc

    A whole candied chestnut enrobed in a light whipped cream and decorated with a rich, full flavoured marron cream sits atop an almond frangipane tart. Our marron cream is made from the tastiest Aubenas chestnuts in France.

  • SoufflĂ© Cheese Cake

    Soufflé Cheese Cake

    A moist and incredibly smooth cheese cake finished with an apricot glaze.

  • Classic Gateau Chocolate

    Classic Gateau Chocolate

    A rich and intensely chocolatey dark chocolate cake.

  • Raspberry Mousse with Anglaise

    Raspberry Mousse with Anglaise

    A light raspberry mousse with almond sponge, raspberry chocolate ganache and anglaise. Dressed with fresh berries.

  • Matcha Rolled Cake

    Matcha Rolled Cake

     A delicate sponge with a lightly whipped green tea cream and sweet azuki beans. Our decadent, pure green tea is from Kyoto, Japan.

  • Chocolate and Praline Cake

    Chocolate and Praline Cake

    Layers of chocolate sponge, praline mousse and feuilletine with a pecan praline topping.

  • Choux Trios

    Choux Trios

     A trio of crusty choux pastry filled with a whipped sesame, matcha and azuki custard creams.

  • Raspberry & Pistachio Tart

    Raspberry & Pistachio Tart

    A pistachio frangipane tart decorated with a lightly whipped custard cream and fresh raspberries.

  • White Sesame Cheesecake

    White Sesame Cheesecake

    A full-flavoured, unbaked, white sesame cheesecake with a black sesame biscuit base and a sesame tuile.

  • Strawberry Rolled Cake

    Strawberry Rolled Cake

    A delicate maple syrup flavoured sponge with a lightly whipped strawberry cream and fresh strawberries.

  • Chocolate Banana

    Chocolate Banana

    Chocolate sponge filled with fresh banana & banana cream, topped with whipped chocolate cream.